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An engineer must develop

To go 500 miles you have to take the first step. When almost 40 years ago, Stefan Karwowski, perhaps one of the most famous Polish engineers, spoke those words, it was hard to expect, how far we have for you today.

Technological progress and more thoughtful and improved processes guarantee that the profession of engineer opens up great opportunities for those who have decided to follow the route designated by the 40-year-old. But the world is changing and the horizon has become much wider. Highways, stadiums, factories, housing estates on the one hand; extensive data communication networks and efficient quality management systems on the other.

Obviously path branches of the economy can grow in different directions. While Wroclaw and surroundings in recent years have focused mainly on road construction and real estate, in Katowice district more activities to see in the following sectors: automotive, machine building and metal. This meant above first step, is in this case the choice of a college and a direction of education, decide which sector is your objective and where you should try your luck in a recruitment process.

Wanted technical education, knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English for sure, a big advantage is also German) and experience at a congruent or identical position - this is the perfect candidate. But of course that's not all. Behind such obvious criteria must still be something else. Nevertheless competition is huge. Therefor the best chance will have candidates who, besides targeted education and work experience have a developed interpersonal skills.

The profession specificity of a quality or process engineer requires effective communication with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Also important is to be stress resistant because of a high time pressure and a necessity to meet customer’s requirements. This is revealed by the ability to search for new solutions in crisis situations and flexibility in operation.

There remains management of a company, which is looking for engineers. Not always career development path leads uphill since.

Vertical structure will be better for those ambitious, who need continuous promotions. In such companies, in which different levels of the organization allow us to think in the future about a position as a manager. Furthermore companies with such a structure seem to be suitable for people entering the labor market or without a big experience. Step by step can you gradually develop key skills in a particular area, and increase you competences with growing work experience. On the other hand experienced engineers who have chosen to become a development expert and appreciate their independence fit better in companies with a flat organizational structure.

Employment in such a company should not be associated with a career stagnation. Chance to change a department or workplace will gain you new experiences and expand your knowledge.

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