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About Arche Consulting

Arche Consulting is created by people passionate about their careers, combining their knowledge and experience gained through many years of practice in the conduct of recruitment, consulting and training projects for diverse companies, in terms of both size and capital.

The headquarters is located in Katowice, Poland. In 2012, we opened an office in Wroclaw, and with an eye toward continued development we plan to open more local offices. Our recruiting activity covers all of Poland and abroad (we completed recruitment projects in Brazil, China, Russia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Italy).

We are a Polish company, so we know our domestic labor market very well. Nevertheless, the individual experience of our staff gives us the advantage of valuable knowledge about foreign markets. Our qualified specialists allow for rapid reactions and adaptations to any requirements made for us by our clients.

In our daily work we are guided by our core values, which are:

FLEXIBILITY: our goal is to follow the business needs of our clients, even if it requires additional action beyond our standard methods and work tools.

EFFECTIVENESS: we are focused on achieving the objectives of our clients, using the most effective methods.

RESPONSIBILITY: we take our obligations seriously and we don’t promise the impossible. We know how important professional cooperation is for our clients.