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IT specialist in a skirt

Is it emancipation or a natural order of things? Will women take over the IT industry?

A common myth coined by American films of the 90s about a computer "nerd" has nothing to do with the present reality. Today's IT professionals are mostly confident and aware of their knowledge and skills people, who know what they want in their life.

Today the word IT hides a wide range of possibilities, where people interested in technological innovations will definitely find something. Popular IT departments include network administration, computer graphics, programming, web mastering and e-marketing.

The advantages of computer science studies are noticeable while studying. IT is often so-called “ordered study”* (*specialties ordered by the Polish government), and therefore a field where students can rely on various kinds of assessments:

Today's graduates often have, to their credit, experience and even a full-time job at a major company. This is true for both males and females, because the percentage of women in this area is increasing. This trend is promoted by employers who have a very optimistic approach to “IT professionals in a skirt".

Poland compares favorably with other European countries. More than 90 percent of female Polish students are interested in the ICT sector. In Italy it is 76 percent, while in France only 50 percent. Half of young Polish women plan to develop their interests in college. The problem is that, then the all enthusiasm disappears somewhere along the way. And as a result there is still less “IT professionals in skirt" on the market than could be. 48 of these 90 percent drop out of school.

Conclusion? The IT market is waiting for woman – it needs them and gives them great opportunities. Dear Ladies, go for work!

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