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Our Team

Arche Consulting Company consists of specialists in various fields. As a result of several years of experience in different professional areas, our experts are very familiar with, and implement the requirements and needs of our customers, and for candidates competing for predefined posts.

Meet our team:

This knowledge allows our consultants to choose and recommend only those with the appropriate skills and competencies, and increases the chances for development and career advancement of our candidates.

Our consultants specialize in, but are not limited to, the following areas:

We understand the needs of modern business. We also know that expertise is a privilege to be enjoyed no matter which side of the desk one is on.

Our experts are not only specialists in the field of consulting and HR consulting: we have people who are perfectly familiar with the specifics throughout many industries. Only with the knowledge and experience of Arche’s consultants are we able to provide our clients with a service tailored to the unique characteristics of companies and their current needs.