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We specialize in recruitment for managerial and specialist positions of middle and senior management. During our history we have recruited for companies throughout Poland and abroad in following industries:

Our role in the recruitment process is to reach candidates best matching to a position profile as well as the company's corporate culture. Our service is based on the vast experience of our recruiters who have used the opportunity to become an expert by working in a wide range of companies. Thanks to our own candidate database we are able to quickly find people with the required skills.

We run both single recruitment projects as well as a large comprehensive recruitment campaigns. We often take part in the overall recruitment for the new manufacturing and service companies.

Recruitment methods that we use are:

Candidate Base

A direct source of information about candidates. Constantly updated and based on a modern computer system, it allows us to quickly find people with preferred skills.


We have a wide network of contacts with people from various industries, so we get up-to-date information about a situation in a particular industry and tested candidates.

Direct search

We use different methods, which are included in a search for a direct fit to specific requirements set by our clients. Thanks to them, we are able to recommend carefully selected candidates for every position.


One of the most popular methods for the activation of candidates. We constantly submit announcements to advertising portals, for both Polish and foreign markets, as well as advertising on our website.


Our internal know-how, which consists of many years of experience and passion, allowing us to meet customized needs of our customers and to find creative solutions to the most complex projects.

Selection methods used by us are:

Interviews and behavioral competence

Depending on the specific terms of a position and the kinds of requirements, we conduct interviews and behavioral tests. Questions for candidates are chosen to obtain as much information as possible about major (in terms of jobs) soft and hard skills.

Language tests / merit / psychological

We use tests which appropriately match to a recruitment project, taking into account the preferences and requirements of our clients. We use tests created by us as well as external tests, and we’re constantly developing our possibilities.

Assessment Center

On customer request we conduct sessions allowing for a multidimensional assessment of candidate competences. For this purpose we use individual tasks (e.g. case study, fact finding, in-basket) and group tasks (e.g. discussions, presentations, simulations, tasks requiring cooperation and helping to emerge as a leader).

Checking references

Allows us to recommend candidates who meet position requirements on the highest level, who have proved themselves at their previous place of employment.