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Silicon Valley is still very hospitable

What to choose? IT!

The IT industry is not just booming, it can still be claimed as a profession of future.

In Poland as abroad we can see an increased demand for IT professionals. This market is still open and waiting for new specialists. Both large corporations and smaller companies, all have their needs. And there are needed those with a cross-knowledge as well as those with narrow specializations.

IT systems administrators, architects, developers, programmers, applications testers, consultants, implementers, coordinators, managers, control engineers, robotics experts, and last but not least specialists in e-marketing. Yet of course the list is much longer. The IT industry not only attracts great interest, it still may be claimed as a profession of the future.

Foreign language? Absolutely, but in addition to English or German, highly desirable is an ability to work in environments such as JAVA, .NET, Pl / SQL, Delphi / C ++, ABAP, BI. There is an opportunity to prove yourself and earn a big profit. But please do not think of yourself as of someone better than candidates from other industries. Market demand is one thing, but most essential are the proper qualifications.

Therefore, a university degree, work experience and practical skills (which will be tested during a recruitment process), these factors determine if a candidate will earn a positive opinion from a potential employer.

Interpersonal skills and certain character traits value in as well. Certainly, a future boss has a bigger appreciation for a smiling, open specialist than for an introverted "nerd". Also, in this branch you have to be able to go out in the real world. This is not only about a script displayed on a computer screen, but also about your appearance, attitude in your interaction with other people, and creativity and openness.

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