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Team SSC / BPO / ITO

Due to a gradual increase of employment in the modern services sector and specific requirements posed by the market, we have a dedicated team which works only in this field.

This allows us to respond quickly to your recruitment needs, leading effectively even the largest recruitment campaigns.

Based on many years of experience in the SSC / BPO / ITO, we have developed a precise methodology based on timeliness, accuracy of processed candidates and responsiveness to needs and changes.

Our consultants, through recruitment specializing in fields like finance and accounting, customer service for different processes, and IT, are able to successfully complete outsourced recruitment. We rely on an evolving network of business contacts and on acquired knowledge about dynamic of shared services and outsourcing center market which allows us to be the right partner for you in achieving your company goals.

We have experience in conducting recruitment, among others, on the following positions:

Specialist with a variety of foreign languages