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One of our company's missions is to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees; knowledge, which will have a real impact on the efficiency and financial performance of your company. To grow and to succeed every company needs competent and confident managers and professionals tailored to the needs of your business.

Keys to success and popularity of our training are:

Competent trainers

Because they create an atmosphere conducive to development and exceed the limits of abilities

Matching program

Always composed of a concern for the comfort of participants and maximizing training effects

Attractive training methods

We follow the latest training trends which bring participants the highest amount of practical knowledge.

We focus on closed training, tailored to specificities and needs. These training sessions are conducted in locations chosen by our client and guarantee a real work detachment and focus on an issue.

Prior to training we analyze your company training needs and prepare a specific training program corresponding to our analysis results. We have a pragmatic approach: 65% of time is dedicated to practical exercises, case studies, simulations and business games, and lectures take the remaining 35% of time. Our classes teach new skills and allow you an opportunity to practice them.

We can offer the following training topics:

Training of soft skills

effective communication, making presentations and speeches, assertiveness, coping with stress, creativity, time management, creating the image of the business.

Professional training

sales techniques, effective business negotiations, recruitment and selection of employees, working in a group, building competency models, support of efficiency of training process, customer service.

Managerial training

managing of project team, leading a team in a changing situation, a leader and manager, management by objectives, project management, effective meetings, decision-making, practice of motivation, conflict management in a team, conflict resolution, key talks: recruitment, assessment.